The Online Interest Form allows you to sign up for a first training session.

But before you do, there are some things you need to know:

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Where do I train and play?

Depending on your age and level you can play in Gouda or Waddinxveen. Bouncers Basketball has expressed the intention to play and train everyone up to 16 years in the place of choice.

At age 16, you can be assigned to a team that trains and plays in your own home. However, there may be no team in your own residence or you can play in a high level/mixed team.

The board ultimately determines which team you will be placed in. But of course, your preference will be taken into account.

In a number of cases, a team trains and plays in both locations (De Mammoet and De Duikelaar). This depends on the ratio of the number of players coming from Waddinxveen or Gouda and is determined by the board at the start of the season.

The recreant

You can also play basketball as a recreationalist. That means you will only participate in practices and not play games. This can be done in both locations, both in Gouda and in Waddinxveen.

Recreators train once a week.

For the youngest youth (up to 8 years) there is no possibility of playing games in competition form. They can only participate as a recreator. However, players who have enough experience could possibly play with an older team.

In addition, tournaments are regularly organized.


The contribution depends on a number of factors. Are you just practiciing as a recreationist or are you going to play competitions, and at what level and of course how old are you? The current contribution can be found on this page

In addition, you must take into account that the outfit for playing games is rented (15 euros per season).

Articles of Association and by-laws

Before you become a member, you should read the articles of association (dutch), but in any case, to read the by-laws (dutch)

Do I have to buy a outfit?

The outfit (pants and shirt) for the contests are rented from the association. The costs are 15 euros per season.

How do I sign up?

Sign up with the Online Interest Form. This is a provisional application to becoming a member.

On the training you will receive a final registration form that you or your parent / caretaker must sign. If you are already sure, then you can print, sign and give the form directly to the trainer.